Meet Ann Becker 

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Ann Becker's mission is to create authentic, cross cultural connections...and have a blast while doing it! 

Travel builds bridges one person at a time. Her goal with each trip is to get people out of their comfort zones to meet, share and learn from local people and off the beaten path places in the countries she loves. 

Ann is part of a broader community working to influence the travel market to think differently about authentic experiential travel.  

Ann’s story

In April 2005, Ann Becker was on a boat on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica with her husband, her son and their guide, Javier. Tooling toward the San Pedrillo station of Corcovado National Park, the water was a brilliant blue-green, the sun was shining. 

Ann found herself mesmerized by the nearly untouched coast line - a gateway to one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world.  

Javier instructed the boat captain to stop near a small cluster of volcanic rocks for a closer look at the Brown Boobies and Magnificent Frigate birds. At that moment, she turned to her husband and uttered, “I am in love.”  


A planner by profession

On that family trip, Ann unexpectedly fell in love with Costa Rica, and decided she had to do her part to encourage travelers to explore this amazing country. 

She absolutely loved her career, and had no desire to leave her business. But this newfound passion went far beyond a casual fling. How could she travel to Costa Rica multiple times per year?!

Ann decided to transfer her nearly 30 years of business experience in comprehensive meeting design/management, program and organizational development, and strategy consulting to a small experiential travel company bringing travelers to Costa Rica and beyond. 

A PASSION FOR Traveling deeply

Ann led her first annual women’s trip in 2006. 

Focusing entirely on experiential travel, Ann is constantly exploring and innovating for her trips. She visits Costa Rica three to four times a year running her annual Wonderful Women Adventures trips, her occasional custom trips or her rigorous scouting trips. 

Ann has advised countless people about experiential travel, and Costa Rica and speaks on these topics at workshops and conferences. Capitalizing on her Wonderful Women Adventures, she recently led a women’s cross-cultural exchange trip in Chile.


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About Travel With Ann Experiential Adventures


The Costa Rican motto:
Pura Vida

Although the direct translation is ‘pure life,’ the true meaning can best be described as being in the pure, present moment. 

You'll hear locals saying it and see it on t-shirts and tourist trinkets everywhere. 

When you travel with Ann you'll feel it

Ann builds each trip so that you focus on the here and now, with a bit more adventure and a little less self-consciousness than in your daily life.

That’s a souvenir she hopes you bring back home with you. 

Costa Rica

When you travel with Ann, you will feel
The warmth and welcome of the Costa Rican people
The “beyond the beaches” destinations
The incredible biodiversity
The Pura Vida mindset 

How to work with Ann

Work with Ann to create an experiential itinerary for yourself or your groups; interview or invite Ann to speak at your event or on your podcast; or explore opportunities to collaborate. Send her a note to get started. 

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